7 Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Summer

7 Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Our hair is our crowning glory, and we all hope for good hair days, because when your locks are looking luscious and styled, your self-confidence increases. A common rut a lot women find themselves in has to do with routine and playing it safe with old hairstyles. Whether you do your own hair, or use a hair salon studio in Toronto, here are 6 different styles that you should definitely try this summer.

The best way to move fashion-forward is to try new, trendy hairstyles, ladies. It’s one of the best makeovers for women, courtesy of your hair stylist. You can knock 10 years or more off your appearance.

Look on social media, and watch what the models are showing on the runways to catch the sizzling trends. Celebrities jump on the new looks, and so can you. Visit your hair salon now!

7 Trendy Hairstyles to Try This Summer

1. Single, Long Braid This classic never fails, and if your hair is long, you can achieve this in sheer seconds. It comes straight from the runway and exudes raw beauty. Tie off hair in a low ponytail and braid for a clean line.


2. Heavy Round Bangs This feminine fringe makes eyes pop and brows look beautiful. Bangs allow every woman to look younger and also hide too thin eyebrows. Blunt, arching bangs are playful and add a glam touch with short or long locks.


3. Gorgeous Silky Waves. All you need is glossy, long hair and a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to create soft, swingy bends around the head. This is chic and a step up from those over-done mermaid waves. Your hair stylist can show you how.


4. Wet Look Waves It’s a gorgeous trend that’s straight from out of the pool. Apply gel through your hair, braid some sections and later unravel to achieve your wet look waves. It’s simple, sexy surfer girl.


5. Tinkerbell Top-Knot What a super cute hair trend stars like Emma Watson and Kendall Jenner are showing off. It’s easy to fashion with a high top-knot and some piece-y fringe or side bangs.

Winter beauty fashion. Lovely girl with trendy fur hat and mittens heating her hands in a snowstorm. Fashion portrait on the winter background. Snowy Day

6. Sleek, Side-Part. Don’t worry about volume at the crown here, ladies. Your hair stylist can give you this classic, glamorous look with natural ends.


7. Gigi High PonyTail The model has made this Barbie doll style famous. To achieve it, visit your hair salon so they can add volume and grip to your long hair. Lovely!



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