5 Tips To Make Your Eyelash Stay Longer

5 Tips To Make Your Eyelash Stay Longer

The most important thing you can do to make sure your extensions look good for as long as possible is to go to a lash technician who’s had eyelash extension training from a reputable school. These days, you can learn the basics of lash application from Youtube, but do you really want an internet-trained amateur to be responsible for your extensions? Once you’ve selected a quality technician and gotten your eyelash extensions applied, follow these tips to preserve your lashes:

1. Groom Lashes Daily

If you’ve gone to a quality technician, they will supply you with a spoolie brush to comb out your extensions and prevent them from getting tangled. Although it seems dangerous to get your lashes wet, it is important to clean them every day to avoid clumping.

2. Treat Extensions Gently

Eyelash extensions feel strange and heavy on your lids, especially at first. Avoid the urge to rub your eyes or touch your extensions when not cleaning them. If you tug on your eyelashes too much, you will cause them to shed prematurely, leaving you with bare spots instead of the full, luscious look you want. When you remove your eye makeup at night, gently scrub your with makeup removing wipes instead of using cotton balls or foam swabs.

3. Take Precautions When Sleeping

Night is the most perilous time for extension maintenance. If you toss and turn in your sleep, your lashes can brush against your pillowcase and become dislodged. To minimize the risk of this happening, try sleeping on your back if you don’t already do so. It can be hard to change your natural sleeping position, but if you keep at it sleeping face-up will eventually feel natural. Silk pillowcases are better than cotton because they produce less friction and are less likely to disturb lashes.

4. Avoid Oil-Based Mascara

Oil weakens the glue that holds extensions in place, so if you can’t live without mascara, use non-waterproof types that don’t contain oil. Check if the moisturizing products and creams you use around your eyes contain oil, and find substitutes if they do.

5. Use Eyelash Sealer

Sealers act as an extra layer of adhesive to keep your lashes in place, and also help condition them. Look for products that contain acrylic, because these will bind your extensions firmly to your natural lashes. Apply sealer every day as part of your morning beauty routine.