8 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

8 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a relatively new technology and is gaining rapid popularity. As with all new technology, there will be misconceptions and myths revolving it especially when it relates to your health. Read on to find out what some of the myths and misconceptions are and what the truth actually is in regard to this popular procedure.

1. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on all skin colors, types, and types of hair.

Truth: Laser hair technology can work on ANY type of skin, any color of skin, and any type of hair around. No matter what color your skin or hair, you can benefit from it.

2. Laser hair treatment is expensive.

This treatment is actually a very good deal compared to how much you might end up spending in shaving materials over the years. It only requires a few treatments.

3. Laser hair treatment is painful.

Actually, using a laser to burn out the root isn’t painful, because the machine also uses a blast of cool air or water at the same time. You will feel a pinch.

4. Laser hair treatment takes too much time.

This treatment actually takes very little time depending on the area. For under arms, it takes 3-5 minutes, and for a larger area, only 25-35 minutes. Each person takes about 4-8 visits. Overall you likely save more time in the long run.

5. Laser hair treatment has undesirable side effects.

If the process is according to federal and state guidelines, there are no side effects, save maybe a slight reddening of the area for a few hours afterward. But normally, it is fine and if your technician is trained, it should go well.

6. Laser hair treatment can hurt the skin.

There are a few situations, such as if you are tan or have tattoos or if you are taking certain medications, that can cause problems with the laser hair removal. However, they should always ask you what you’re taking and whether or not you’ve gotten some sun recently.

7. Laser hair treatment can cause cancer.

This is a huge myth. The follicle of hair absorbs the light shone on it, and the light and heat burn out the hair at the root. The light is strong enough to damage hair but not your DNA. See this news piece from Fox News to learn more.

8. There is a contract required so you have to finish the treatment.

This is not required anywhere. The number of treatments will be different for each person who undergoes this process. You only have to pay for what’s needed for laser hair treatment.

In conclusion, laser hair removal is safe and will save you money in the long run. There are risks if the procedure is performed incorrectly but these are operator errors so you should take steps to ensure the operator is well trained in the treatment.