Fall Fashion Tips for Men in 2016

Fall Fashion Tips for Men in 2016

Autumn is just around the corner, and for style-oriented men everywhere, the new season calls for a change of wardrobe. Fortunately, modern menswear has evolved from a handful of standard pieces in select fabrics and colors to an expansive variety of stylish textures, colors, patterns, and more. Don’t let fall 2016 fashion trends catch you off guard; with these helpful hints, you’ll be ready for a smooth and stylish transition into the next season.


In the spring and summer, we tend to gravitate towards lighter, brighter shades for practicality and to stay on-trend. But it’ll soon be time to put away the pastels in favor of deeper, more muted colors for the fall and winter months. Navy, plum, olive, burgundy, and mustard yellow are all great fall shades—and the good news is that everybody tends to look good in them (with the exception of the yellow, which doesn’t get on well with some skin tones). Shirts, sweaters, and accents like ties and socks are all perfect ways to add color to your fall outfits.


When fall temperatures fluctuate between freezing mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly evenings, layering is essential if you’ll be out of the house for more than a couple of hours. Wool and tweed blazers, bomber jackets, cardigans, and flannel shirts are essentials for your casual getups, and for the office, sweaters, suit jackets, overcoats and trench coats are smart, fashionable choices.


During the smoldering summer months, your style tends to revolve around light, breathable fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable. But when chillier weather sets in, textures regain their popularity. Adding texture can be a little tricky, so here are a few fall fashion staples that will revive your wardrobe with some textured detail:

1. Pressed velvet.
A skinny velvet blazer or pressed velvet shoes (like loafers of oxfords) are the perfect way to add a tasteful touch of texture to your outfit.

2. Corduroy.
Corduroy pants are in—but we are’t talking about the pleated beige style your dad used to wear. Opt for some slim-fitting cords in a deep, fall color as the base for an outfit, and dress them up or down as you please.

3. Silk.
We know that silk can seem a little stuffy for everyday wear. But it’s a subtle textural element that’s remarkably easy to add! Layer a silk shirt under a blazer or grab a silken bomber jacket to make more of a statement.

We’ve given you the basics for unbeatable fall fashion; as for the accessories, think scarves, knit and wool ties, handbags, and gloves toward the end of the season. With these guidelines, you’re sure to look stylish and tasteful as the days grow shorter.