What You Need to Consider Before Going for a Cosmetic Surgery

What You Need to Consider Before Going for a Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is on the rise. In 2015, more than 1.4 million women had cosmetic surgeries and about 12 million had minor procedures. Plastic surgery is a big decision and investment you don’t want to mess around with. Any wrong move can take a toll on your life. Here are things you need to consider before you make the call.

Think about the risks

Like any other medical procedure, plastic surgery has its risks. You can have blood clots, fluid buildup under the skin, mild bleeding, infections, general dissatisfaction with appearance and nerve damage. Most plastic surgeons will tell you about the possible risks. Others will not because they don’t want you to think otherwise. If possible, ask the doctor to give you pictures of people who have done the procedure and look at their appearance before and after the surgery.

Consider the costs

Cosmetics surgery is not cheap. To make matters worse, most insurance companies do not cover these surgeries. Scheduling a cosmetic procedure alone will cost you around $1000. An arm lift will go for $6500, butt lift $10,500, breast augmentation $6,900 and a facelift $12,500. All these types of plastic surgeries are very expensive. You do not want to go for them if you are not financially prepared. Think about other things you are going to give up in order to pay for the operation.

Check if there is an alternative

Plastic surgery is very expensive in Canada. If you can find a perfect alternative, you could save thousands of dollars. Another reason to look for an alternative is the risky nature of the procedure. For instance, if you want liposuction, you can first consider exercising and improving the skin by changing the diet.

Know the limitations of the procedure

Plastic surgeons often do not guarantee people good results. There is a possibility things may not work as expected. You may end with a disfigured nose or unsymmetrical buttocks. Hence, you should go to the operating room with an open mind, ready for anything that might come up after the surgery. Also, do not have a misguided perception that the plastic surgery procedure will change your life. Your job will still be the same one after the surgery. You will still have financial obligations and a mortgage to pay.

Consider how long the surgery will last

Most cosmetic surgeries barely last a lifetime. Your body respects the law of nature and will begin the aging process. You will no longer have the most firm breasts or the smoothest face when you are 70 or 90. Skin facelifts can only last one year. Other types of facelifts do not last more than 15 years. You must also know that some procedures will leave you with scars.