6 Themed Christmas Gift Baskets for Women

6 Themed Christmas Gift Baskets for Women

For an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for the women in your life, consider one of these 6 themed Christmas gift baskets for women.

1. Slippers and a Spa Day

Find a beautiful, soft pair of slippers to use as the basket, and stuff them full of spa day goodies: lip balm, a face mask, nail polish, quality chocolate, maybe a gift card for a professional massage. Tie the slippers together with a pretty ribbon to complete the look.

2. Christmas in a Jar

Use a mason jar as the basket for this one, and stuff it full of small, but luscious treats: body lotion, nail polish, her favorite candies, cozy warm socks, a nail file, and a packet or two of hot cocoa mix.

3. A Basket of Summer

The shorter days of winter can bring you down. Cheer up a wonderful lady in your life with a little taste of summer in her Christmas basket. Some fruity gum, a pretty yellow notebook, a coffee mug that’s yellow or has a pretty sun on it, and a couple of books set in summer. Add some other summery goodies like a bag of potato chips and a recipe for a fruity cocktail.

4. Baker’s Dozen

For a really unique twist on Christmas gift baskets, turn an oven mitt into a basket for the baker in your life. Stuff it with a new whisk, sturdy spatula, a rolled-up silicone baking mat, and a few recipes for some delicious baked treats. If there’s room, add an apron, too.

5. Mommy’s Sanity in a Basket

For the new mom, stay at home mom, or the working mom who needs a break, a gift basket filled with “survival items” will be appreciated more than you know. Include things like bubble bath, a good bottle of wine and an elegant wine glass, high-quality chocolates, a couple of DVDs of movies that she either loves or hasn’t had a chance to see, a pair of comfy slippers or socks, nail polish, and maybe a cozy, plush robe, too. If you really want to score points, include an offer to babysit sometime to truly give her a break. If you need to consult with a professional, Boodles of Baskets may be able to provide you with additional information.

6. Grow Your Garden

If she loves gardening, give her something to look forward to with a garden-themed Christmas gift basket. Use a cute bucket instead of a basket, and include small hand tools like a shovel, rake, and hoe, packets of flower, veggie or herb seeds, a cute pair of gardening gloves and something she can kneel on while she’s planting.

With just a little cash, some creativity, and a cute theme, you can create a beautiful basket that any woman would adore.