Short Hair, Don’t Care: 8 Hot Short Hairstyles For Summer

Short Hair, Don’t Care: 8 Hot Short Hairstyles For Summer

Summer is the perfect opportunity to embrace a shorter ‘do. Short hairstyles help keep you cool, they’re easier to manage as you go from beach to pool to party: and most importantly, they help show off your beautiful face! So if you’ve been saying for years that you’re going to start wearing your hair shorter, now is the time to take a deep breath, walk into a hair salon Toronto women are raving about, like Tony Shamas – and go for it! We’ve put together 8 gorgeous short hairstyles for women you might want to try as you go for the chop.

#1 Tapered pixie

tapered pixie

The tapered pixie is a classic look: remember the elfin beauty of early 90s Kate Moss? (If not, google it!) This variant on the pixie cut allows you to keep a little more volume up top while having your hair on the sides and/or back cut gradually shorter.

#2 Undercut


With clipper-cut back and sides beneath a longer layer of hair, undercuts are still hugely popular among celebrities and Instagram celebrities alike. This androgynous look is one of the best hairstyles for women with strong features, especially cheekbones: it’s a great way to show them off. Looks great with contrasting colours!

#3 Pixie + undercut = fabulous

undercut pixie

You can rock an undercut beneath just about any length of hair, but the pixie undercut – as seen on Rihanna – is one more layer of fabulous. Blonde for the top layer and a darker shade on the underside gives this alt-punk look some depth.

#4 Textured bob

textured bob

Ideal for wavy hair, this messy bob is a bohemian dream, super popular with millennials: it’s low-maintenance, fuss-free and perfect for both everyday and dressy looks. Keep the same shade all over for a sophisticated, grown-up take on this bob. Take a picture of Dua Lipa into the hair salon to give your stylist some inspo.

#5 Chin-length bob

chin bob

The chin-length bob is one of those rare hairstyles for women with just about any hair type. This super-now style makes fine hair look chic – think Lauren Conrad, perfectly framing her delicate features with a casual blonde bob – while if you have curly hair, like Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, this look promises instant Hollywood glamour.

#6 Asymmetric bob

asymmetric bob

The fashion industry was all over asymmetry at one point. Remember? Hair, tops, skirts…this easy way to add some interest to a simple bob was spotted on every celebrity from Rachel McAdams to Rita Ora. Whatever your face shape, this low-maintenance cut is a great one to try if you’re after something new.

#7 Tousled balayage bob


The balayage trend has been dominating the Instagram feeds of just about every hair salon we know for the last year, and shows no signs of slowing down. This hand painted approach to natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights works perfectly with a messy textured bob, adding depth and sophistication to your ‘just walked off the beach’ look.

#8 Side-swept pixie


If you’ve decided to embrace the pixie but want to hang on to your bangs, the side-swept look is a great style. You can keep it professional or tousle it out for an edgier sweep. If you keep the bangs short and sweet you can even opt for a tidy side-swept look during the day and then spike it up into a little rock-chick quiff for the evening.