5 Unique Ways You Can Outrank Your Biggest Competitors in SERPs

5 Unique Ways You Can Outrank Your Biggest Competitors in SERPs

Do you want to outnumber your competition on Google! Sounds great, as you might be aware it is not a one day wonder. There are no secret formulas that guarantee an overnight shot in rankings. Still, some strategies can be implemented by giving a significant boost to your ranks. Hereby are 5 unique ways by toronto seo agency you can outrank your biggest competitors in SERP’s.

1. Engaging content

Engaging content

Virtually  an impossible task to rank high in Google without quality and engaging content. Search engines give due weight to websites embedded with useful guides.

A few years back a general perception was 500 words article would enable a higher ranking in Google. Recent research reveals that the top websites have articles that are close to 2000 words.

Longer and quality content enables more keywords incorporation and leads to a higher ranking on Google.

Tools are there like a similar web which enables you to figure out popular keywords of your competitors and what drives traffic to their website.

2. Develop quality backlinks

Develop quality backlinks

Mere quality links are not enough. You have to build quality backlinks providing impetus to domain authority whereby improving your rankings.

How to avail quality backlinks?

Various ways are there where you can build quality backlinks, but the easiest option is to spying the competition.

Don the task of spying like a detective and shortly you can tap important backlinks of your competitors.

Tools like monitorbacklinks come handy to monitor backlinks of your competitors.

3. Writing for competition

Writing for competition

Every domain accepts guest contributors. Cash in on this and become a writer on their website. Do not undertake this task of inviting quality links to your website, but more in terms of interaction with the audience.

If writers like your write up more chances of them paying a visit to your website in the immediate future.

4. Rely on social media to churn quality links

Rely on social media to churn quality links

The general perception is quality is more important than quantity, but the later does have its due share. More quality links you generate from various domains, the better ranking is assured on the search engines.

Formulating hundreds of links does take time and an effective strategy. Opt for a shortcut and let your social media followers do the task for you. The best content on social media is to be posted and let influences work on that to spread it further. If people observe and derive value from it, they will link up to it. If it goes the viral route hundreds of links may reach you in just a few days.

5. Work on alternative niche keywords

Work on alternative niche keywords

In a specific industry, you can target alternate keywords with varied products, services or some form of offers. For example, if your competition pops out the keyword “ solar panels” it makes sense to target alternative keywords like crystalline solar panels. In the adoption of such a strategy, you run the risk of attracting lesser viewers or audience to your website. In the long run, this holds definite value as it would result in qualified and target oriented traffic. This provides you with a competitive edge to scale the ranking charts.

Final words

You can steal traffic and outnumber your competitors if you devise a smart strategy.

With time and patience, the best results will come and you will be rewarded for your efforts.