6 Handy Tips for Promoting Your New Facebook Page

6 Handy Tips for Promoting Your New Facebook Page

Now that you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, what next? How do you get your target audience to like and interact with your page?  You first need to get the word out to your potential and existing clients. Here’s how to promote your Facebook page in 6 ways.

1.      Use your Existing Networks

Use your Existing Networks
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Do you have people on your existing email list? They would very likely love to connect with you on Facebook as well. Send out an email to your list inviting them to Like your new Facebook page. Make sure to highlight what you’ll be sharing on the page as an incentive.

Make sure to add the Facebook share button to the footer of your emails to remind your subscribers of the existence of your page whenever they open your emails.

2.      Add A Follow Button on Your Website

 Add A Follow Button on Your Website
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Adding a follow button to your website allows visitors to like your page more easily. The Facebook Follow Button is a widget that you can easily add to your website that links it to your Facebook page. To get the official Facebook Follow button, head over to the Social Plugins resource page on Facebook. It’s very easy to do this and there are clear instructions on how to implement it. You can also hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you for cheap.

3.      Run Facebook Ads

Run Facebook Ads
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Facebook ads can help get your page in front of a relevant audience quite fast. You can target you’re an audience of Facebook using a number of targeting features that include age, location, sex, interests and many other characteristics. You can also upload your email list to reach your existing customers and subscribers on Facebook.

4.      Share Valuable Content

Share Valuable Content
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You need to give people a compelling reason to Like your Facebook page. People usually like a page that provides content that they find valuable. If you can provide valuable content on a consistent basis, then your fans will have a reason to share helpful posts with their friend. This can help drive action. Don’t forget that Facebook is a highly visual platform and videos and images will always do better than text. Once in a while, you can do a Facebook live to answer some of the pressing questions your customers may have. The team at Vancouver SEO can help you come up with a content strategy to drive your Facebook campaigns.

5.      Offline Promotion

Offline Promotion
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You should make a point of promoting your page offline as well. Have your Facebook Page on your business cards, flyers, menus, t-shirts, signs, accessories, and on any other print marketing material you’re putting out. If you get the opportunity to speak at a workshop or industry function, make a point of mentioning your Facebook page. Include it even in your slide deck when making a presentation. This is how to promote your Facebook page offline.

6.      Reach Out to Your Existing Social Following

Reach Out to Your Existing Social Following
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Are you active on other social media channels? If you have a following on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other platform, make sure to share your new Facebook Page with your followers. This is how to promote your Facebook page without too much effort.